Sealfie costs 100 Euros per month per user, 1100 if paid annually. Customization to your specific processes upon request.

Streamlined Approval Process

Experience a seamless approval process with support for pre-defined workflows. Tailor the process to your specific needs with customizable options and explore additional add-ons. Contact us for a personalized quote.


Contact us by email to schedule onboarding for your selected users.


Sealfie is available via yearly subscription. And don't worry - you're always free to leave. Monthly list prices apply if you do.


Our support team is here to help make our technology work for you. Need to change your phone? Adapt the process? Verify technical data? We've got you covered.


Our technology uses lists of verifiable certificates that are encrypted and linked together on a blockchain.

Contact us to get a subscription.
We also propose to adapt and co-create services using our technology.

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